If you are looking for an authentic 6ku Fixie Bike review, you have landed at the right place. 6KU has undoubtedly been rated as one of the best fixie bikes on Amazon. Earlier, no one was aware of this brand, but as people started buying it, the 6KU track fixie bike has become so popular.

I have given a thorough 6KU fixie bike review after using it for a couple of days. Go through the detailed 6ku fixie reviews provided below:

6ku Fixie Bike Review

6ku bike is best suitable for daily commuters and casual riders. This is one of the cheap fixie bikes that comes at a very low price. You can also try customizing the 6KU bike with these best fixie wheels.

6ku fixie bike is the right choice for students who prefer travelling short distances. Though the 6ku track bike does not have any high-end records, yet it is one of the solid bikes for daily commuters.

In short, after using this bike for a couple of days, I can strongly say that the 6ku fixie bike has passed the review with a good score.

6KU Fixie Bike

6ku fixie bike review

Best Fixie Urban Track Bike

  • Full Aluminum Frame and Fork
  • Double-Walled Alloy Wheels
  •  Fixed Gear or Freewheel

Here are some of the reasons why I like the 6ku fixie Urban track bike

6ku Fixie Bike Features

Flip Flop Hub: Shifting from Fixed to Single speed gear has never been this easy. Thanks to 6ku fixie bike for its flip flop hub.

Ergonomic Design: Handlebars, seat post, and the saddle as ergonomically designed to make the rider more comfortable.

Deep V Wheels: The Deep V wheels offer great durability and strength while riding the 6ku fixie bike.

Handlebars: Handlebars play a crucial role in making the journey comfortable during the ride.

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike Review

Should I call the 6KU a lovely bike? Not gorgeous, but realistic. A real horse for service.

It’s also remarkable how affordable this repair is without skimping on consistency. You can get it from 47 cm to any size. To 61 cm., meaning the one that matches can be identified by almost every rider.

The bike is available in all sizes and is inexpensive, making it one of the most practical all-purpose bikes on the market.

This is a perfect starting bike if you’re not even acquainted with repairs and single speeds. It will drive you with friends to class, the office, or the park.

In the mud, you’re not going to feel guilty about riding it, plus criminals tend to hit more pricey bikes.

You’re not pulling down any extra weight, and you can configure it however you see fit. Most 6KU riders work with only a front brake, either single-speed or fixed gear.

Get it in All Sizes

The 6KU comes in size for you if you’re between 4’10 ” and 6’5 “. It can be found in anything from 49 cm to 58 cm. However, the aluminium variant has a much wider range. Not sure about the scale of yours? On the Amazon website, there’s a size guide, or you can find one on Google.

Fork and Frame

In this 6ku fixie bike review, I found that this bike is intended for the ease of cruising around the city. The frame is made of the common double-butted alloy 6061 that is used by most bikes in this price range (and higher). The fork and frame are sturdy, but after prolonged use, the bearings can wear off and require a replacement.

This bike is available in two versions: aluminum and steel. Cyclists may go on about the nuances between the two for hours, but a succinct breakdown is here.

Heavier, but much softer and more robust, is steel. More violence can take place. Aluminum is light and nimble, but when under severe duress, it is very rigid and is more likely to break.

However, the 6ku bike does not require much cost for maintenance, which is a huge advantage.

Flip Flop Hub

In just a few minutes of 6ku fixie bike review, you can easily adjust your configuration from single-speed to fixed. The 6KU comes with a flip-flop hub, so you can flip the wheel around your bike to fit your ride.

You may want to try some tricks or skids, so you’re going to ride it as a remedy. You can turn the wheel over to the side of the freewheel when you’re finished and take advantage of coasting to make a longer trip more comfortable.

Colour Customizations

6ku fixie bike is available in 5 different variants and accents. So, you need not worry about having a limited colour edition.

Wheel Sets

The fixie bike wheelsets have Deep V rims for great durability and strength while riding the 6ku urban fixie bike. Moreover, these wheelsets are compatible with the standard tire valves, which is a great advantage over other fixie bikes.

The tires of the 6ku bike provide greater stability as well because of its width.

Ease of Maintenance

With the instruments that come in the box, you will be able to bring the 6KU fixie bike together. It takes just a couple of minutes. Maintenance on 6ku fixie is very low, but this bike is a breeze when you need a tune-up.

6KU Fixie Bike Reviews from Other Customers

If you want to know the 6ku fixie bike review from other customers, you can check the link below. Though the bike is affordable to buy, it is always good to know the credibility of the 6ku fixie urban bike by going through the reviews of other customers.